How to Gain Muscle

There are two simple rules to gaining muscle if you are dedicated and disciplined.

RULE 1: Always Train to Failure

And I mean total failure. Whether you’re doing high rep training, low rep training, giant sets, or whatever you feel comfortable with, ensure that you using always go to failure. The question about cardio? Always keep some cardio in unless you’re an ectomorph or meso ecto. Cardio not only keeps body fat down, but also makes you fitter so you can keep workouts more intense.

RULE 2 : Eat! Eat! Eat!

Eat. Eat. Eat. When I say eat I mean eat the best muscle building foods: Eggs, rice, potato ,oats, cream of rice, steak, chicken, fish, nuts etc. It is important to fill your body with foods that don’t have ’empty calories’

A good way to work out how many calories are required to see growth: Assuming you are under 14 % body fat, multiply your weight in KG by 30.5 and add 10-15%. This will give you your weight gaining calories. Pro Tip: always remember to recalculate your calories as you put on weight.

I prefer putting food in a little slower , I add calories every 2nd week so as not to put on fat weight.