How to make Keto Diets or Banting diets healthier for you

As a coach, I’m not really a fan of high fat diets. I prefer to prescribe a diet that is balanced with all food groups. I usually use a system of Protein, Carbs and Fats with ratio of 40:40:20, respectively. At least this is how I start most of my diets off.

If you do choose to do a high fat diet, then rather stick to healthy fats. These include omega fats (found in nuts and plants, as well as fatty fish like salmon). Another great fat is coconut oil (MCT). Coconut oil has the ability to get into the cell effectively, and be used as a quick energy.

By sticking to these fats, you are still getting the essential nutrients, while not clogging your arteries or adding stress to your liver, therefore making your Banting or Keto diet healthier.