Keeping the bulk up lean

Here are a few reasons why you should keep lean while gaining muscle size

if we gain excessive body fat while “bulking up “ it’s going to be detrimental to the whole process.

Here’s why , your insulin resistance becomes a problem and this in turn will hamper the way your body absorbs carbohydrates and other nutrition that assist in the growth process. When insulin resistance becomes a problem you going to have a far tougher time getting lean, also with excess fat on your body your aromatisation processing is hampered and the body will go about converting testosterone to estrogen in your body , that’s where you get that “fluffy look”.

gaining excess weight using less than good quality food will result in bad stomach health and bad stomach health will result In a Less than adequate nutrient uptake , this in turn will hamper muscle growth and performance in the gym .

So keep it lean and gain quality muscle tissue