Coach Vic prides himself on the success of his athletes.
Read what some of them had to say about GTS below.


I have been coached by Vic Alley from 1997, when I won my first SA title. Since then, I have won another 15 titles with Vic’s assistance. He has supported me through different federations, from a bodybuilder in IFBB to a figure in NABBA/WFF. 

As a coach, Vic is always available for his clients. He is extremely knowledgeable and always takes health into consideration. Victor Alley turns people’s dreams into reality. He takes athletes and turns them into champions. 

Apart from the 16 titles, Vic has helped me place top 6 and top 3 internationally on several occasions. On our last endeavour together, we won the NABBA/WFF world championships.

He is a tough but caring coach, and I can go one further by saying I am extremely proud to be his wife. In saying that, he has never been biased on my behalf. Coach Vic treats everyone equally.  



Vic Alley aka Boss aka Dad has been my coach, mentor and one of my biggest role model in the sport of bodybuilding & the fitness industry, since 2012.

With each competition season, off-season, training session, posing session, tip and trick being absolute gold. With a wealth of knowledge and experience to absorb, learn from and put to practise you just instantly know you are with an absolute professional and a guru in this game.

Humble, soft hearted and loyal but stern, brutally honest and thorough is what you can expect from this seasoned Pro Maker and he will demand your best.

Vic invests his heart and soul into his clients. Their journey is his journey and nothing than absolutely crushing their goals with them is more important to him.

Vic is an absolute leader and leaders do not create followers, they create more leaders! And this is exactly what Vic has done for me.



I have known Vic Alley for many years and he is a legend in the Bodybuilding and fitness world. His passion for the Industry shows in the successes of each and every athlete that he coaches.

Vic Alley has coached me for 7 years and has helped me to achieve various titles Nationally and Internationally. Vic Alley has helped me reach my peak without him I would not have been able to do it on my own. In 2014 alone, Vic Alley helped me reach first place and overall titles at Gauteng NABBA, Marco Rossi Classic, NABBA South African Championships, 3rd place Australia World Championships.

I’ve been inspired by Coach Vic Alley all the years and I have learnt so much about bodybuilding. He is extremely knowledgeable. Vic has helped me grow in my career and I’m proud to be a part of Team Alleysway.



It’s rare you met someone who changes your life for the better. He Installs a self believe and work ethic in you that sets you apart from everyone else.

Every year working together the last 5 years we have just gotten better and better and we don’t plan on stopping.

Vic is a brilliant coach but to me he is a even better mentor and father figure. He has been with me from my worst times to my best times. The ups and downs and our faith and believe in one another has been will never waiver.



I walked into Victor Alley’s gym 4 years ago in hope that he would be my bodybuilding coach. We sat and spoke about my goals and where we would start to begin to achieve those goals. Vic believed in me from the very start and we got to work!

Before I knew it, I was stage ready and we began to compete in shows both locally and internationally specifically aligned to my personal goals in bodybuilding and fitness.

Vic’s guidance, knowledge and attention to every single detail is invaluable. I am so thankful for his patience and constant support through it all. I have always believed that to become a professional, you have to work with professionals!

It’s been an incredible journey working together, and I would like to thank him for the years of being his athlete, besides being a coach, he is a great friend!

I am super excited for the next stage and to continue to work as a team. I trust his work.

Vanessa de Freitas


My name is Anthony. Aspiring IFBB Pro league champion and I have been working with Victor Alley for 3 years. Bodybuilding is a very niche sport where I’m from and there’s a handful of people who participate, and with that theres not a lot of good information and knowledge with what needs to be done to reach your physique goals. Everyone is learning as they go. I spent about the first 6 years of my lifting not getting much progress because I was trying to learn everything on my own,and just wen I started to realise a little bit of my potential,I started working with Victor and the first show we did together I got first place! 2 first place finishes! Trusting Victor Alley as a coach with my bodybuilding career has been the best decision I’ve ever made because I put my heart and soul into this,this is what i know what to do best and so does he! Very hands on and you never have to guess at any point where you need to be because he takes you through every step of the way including GETTING YOUR MIND RIGHT! IT ALL BEGINS IN THE MIND…! In my humble opinion BEST Bodybuilding coach Africa has to offer!




4 years ago I met my coach trough a referral from a fellow athlete. I have so much appreciation for how coach Vic Alley has changed my path and made my dreams a reality. He specializes in bodybuilding and has helped me maintain a perfect off and on season physique. In 4 years, I picked up 6kg quality muscle and never went over 15% body fat.

Marelize Stander

I am writing this letter as a testimonial for my coach vic alley. My journey in fitness started when I was 26. I joined coach in end of 2017. I have been a competitive competitor in body building for 9 years when I joined coach. After years of competing and working with another coach my package and conditioning I brought to stage fell short and was not moving forward. I than made the choice in 2017 to go see vic to start with him. I started my new adventure and was looking up and forward to a great year of competing in 2018, But as vic and I stared this presses my body was having a hard time responding to what I wanted it to do.

Coach called myself and my husband in and sat down with us. To make a long story short coach recommended that i take the whole year of. It was tuff it wasn’t what I had planed. But i knew that he had my back and my best interests at hart. He needed to fix what I broke with my previous coach. In this time I had to learn that food especially carbs are your friend.

2019 we started your competition year together and wow what a year it was. He stayed patient with me as we I went through the diet and life and all the ups and down in between. He was always just a call away with problem solving advice or some serious strait talk.

We ended 2019 with a major goal reached as I became a professional IFBB pro league athlete.

I can honestly say coach has change my life in this sport. Helping me to get back up onto my feet and helping me to believe in myself. He has an abundance of knowledge about a womens body and how delicate your hormones are. He has been a blessing and an inspiration. I can’t wait for what 2020 will have in store as we step on to the pro stage.

If you are looking for a coach to take you to your next level and more he is your man.



I have known coach Vic since 2017 when I started competing within the WFF federation within his capacity as one of the presiding judges at the various competitions. As an athlete I always admired the exceptional achievements of all his athletes. A particular aspect which always stood out was his commitment to his athletes and the incredible support he gives to each and every one of his athletes.

I officially joined coach Vic’s team as an athlete in July 2019, shortly before the WFF Worlds Championships which was to take place in Mexico. I have come to know coach Vic as a man with exceptional knowledge and experience within his field. From an athlete’s perspective some of the core attributes that stand out with coach Vic include passion, dedication, commitment and excellence. The transformation coach Vic made with my physique in a short time frame before the World Championships was amazing. 

Over and beyond the physical transformation, the fact of knowing your coach is behind you every step of the way, makes the preparation for a competition or the working towards a goal so much more inspiring and effective. With coach Vic you are never in doubt that he is behind you every step of the way. I am excited beyond words to see what my future journey with this phenomenal coach will hold in.

Prof. Phillip Stevens


It’s been 3 years working with Vic. In those three years, Vic has not only brought out the best in my physique, but he has created a new passion for me which is bodybuilding. When I first came to Coach Vic it was purely just to get into the best shape that I can. Within I first year he helped me bring out a passion for the sport and we competed in our first competition and won it with overalls. From there my goals began to sky rocket. Vic always has a way of bringing the best out of his clients, which is to work hard at what you want. He does not force it out of you; instead Coach Vic makes you want to make him proud, like you would to a father. Vic is like a dad to all his clients. He always goes the extra mile for you no matter the situation. If you ever feel concerned about something he gives you the most honest answers and reassures you. He is the most knowledgeable person I know out there in the industry. There’s no secret recipe and is always willing to teach us as clients. There no one I’d rather trust with my health and fitness and I’m proud to call him my coach


My journey with Vic Alley: I’ve joined up with Vic Alley early 2018 where he coached me and got me ready for my very first IFBB competition. With Vic’s professional guidance and support he has transformed my body to be stage ready first time on stage and what a wonderful experience it was. With Vic Alley coaching and support during my 2018 journey he made me a better person and made me feel more confident about myself. In 2019 I set a goal for entering my 2nd competition with Vic Alley coaching skills and support I came 1st and 2nd place at muscle mulisha. Three weeks later I did my very first IFBB pro league south africa at Bigman weekend where I got a 1st place in bikini 35+ and 3rd place wellness. Vic Alley is such an icon in the Fitness world its such an honor to have Vic Alley as my coach. My experience working with vic alley at alleyways gym and team it’s been a blast nothing but the Best and amazing experience. Vic Alley thank you for being such a dynamic person and excellent coach as you are.

Bernadette Kelly Ras


All started in 2015 where I decided I want to finally try stepping in stage and do this bodybuilding, thing and test the waters, I heard about Victor Alley, got his number and scheduled an appointment

I then met up with Vic Alley June 2015, and my life was changed, changed for the absolute best, from good diet stories, to a good bond, to seeing him as a father figure, the guidance, the motivation, the inspiring stories all led to me loving the journey and wanting and feeding for it more and more. That being said I have been with Vic for 4 years now and the relationship gets stronger, and i have learnt so much from him, he has transformed me into something i only dreamt of being, be makes dreams and goals possible and i can personally vouch for him on that.

From being this self conscious guy, to now being a happy, out going confident person, learning discipline and good will, I personally could not have done this journey without Vic. I couldnt have asked for a better coach and most certainly am so happy and blessed to be part of the Alleyway Family. Vic really is my daddio and cherish him in my life more than anything.

Clive Roxburgh

 Vic Alley has been my coach and mentor for almost twenty years. He has helped me to secure numerous South African titles in both figure as well as fitness. To cap it all he has helped me capture both fitness and figure world championships.  

The one thing you must know about Vic is that he’s totally honest. He will tell you if you’re looking good and , yes, he will tell you when you look awful. The result is a hundred percent trust built relationship. He is extremely professional and has never let me down. Diets happen immediately. There’s no hanging around, waiting or guessing what to do next. If you do what he tells you to do you WILL get results. I owe so much to this legend.

Philipa lamont Wilkie

I joined up with Vic in early 2017 after seeing the results that his other athletes where achieving on both the national and international stage. From the onset Vic was hands on, his expertise became immediately apparent as he quickly assessed my dietary and training needs. Once Vic had made the necessary changes, my physique made a noticeable improvement and this was evident in my stage performance.

Vic is always available even when he is abroad, he takes time to listen and values the input of his athletes and makes the necessary changes to ensure ultimate success.

Vic experience and knowledge makes him a invaluable coach.

Shane Kreusch

 I met Vic Alley when he saved my life from anorexia. I somehow trusted him to make me eat – from zero meals a day to six meals a day…. without getting fat!

It’s been thirty years since then and in that time, with the amount of injuries, illnesses, diets and training programs that he’s seen me through, I’ve become more and more convinced that he could write his final year medical exams without opening a text book and graduate with honors. 

Vic truly knows it all – without being a know-it-all. 

Thanks for always being there for me my china. You’re more awesome than you’ll ever know. 


I signed up with Vic hoping to improve my physique as a bikini competitor, but I have gained so much more!

I’d been competing in fitness shows for around 5 years, seeing average results. I knew I wasn’t reaching my full potential. I needed the right guidance. Joining Vic Alley’s team changed my life! In my first year with Vic, I won all my line-ups as well as my overalls at one show! My physique improved dramatically, and I’ve grown into a more self-assured strong woman; both physically and mentally. Because of this, new doors opened for me. I am forever grateful to be part of Vic’s team. Signing up with the right coach is so important. It is difficult to find one that doesn’t copy and paste, but rather one who understands that everyone is different. A coach who leads by example and believes in his athletes. 

I am a better version of myself now, and looking forward to what the future holds. 

CJ Faasen